Palette Project

PaleproKaraoke relay time table published!

💎 Palette Project Just before the 3rd one-man live "Stepping Prism"! 💎
Palepro Timetable for Karaoke Relay Distribution! 🎉

■Date: Sunday, December 17, 5:30pm start
■Delivery location
🎨 Click here for the playlist of all deliveries! ✨

①17:30~🎀Kanaru Hanon🎶
②18:00~💜Onitami Ayumu👹
③18:30~🌸Kaname Tokiwa🌺
④19:00~💛Clara Akatsuki🎠
▷ 2HftH4
⑤19:30~🍀Kotoha Fujimiya💖
⑥20:00~🐣Kyoka Emami🍁
▷ EIvhpsOjdc