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Palette ProjectFirst offline live Palette Project one man Live "Sing with You! is now being held!

MateReal(Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), operator of the virtual idol project Palette Project( Palepro), will hold its first offline live performance Palette Projecton December 30 (Thursday). Palette Project one man Live "Sing with You! (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will hold its first offline live one man live "Sing with You!

◾ Virtual Idol Palette Project's first offline live show will finally be held!
We are pleased to announce that our 8-member virtual idol group Palette Projectwill hold its first offline live concert on Thursday, December 30.

Palette Projecthad planned to develop three internal units and actively perform live activities live after its formation in 2019, but due to its appearance at V-RIZIN 2019 at the end of 2019 and then the Corona disaster the following year, it was unable to perform offline live shows, appearances at external events and regular online live performances by our own company.

Now that the state of emergency has been declared, the offline live concert can be held, and we will be able to show you the culmination of the two years since the formation of the group. We hope you will join us to hear their songs and performances, which will show that they will not be defeated by adversity.

■ Implementation Details
Date & Time 2021/12/30 (Thursday) Doors open: 15:30 Concert begins: 17:30
Location: Shinjuku Alta KeyStudio
3-24-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan

Ticket sales schedule
November 9: fanicon members pre-sale
November 16: general sale

What is Palette Project( Palepro)?
Palette Project (a.k.a. ) is a virtual idol unit that works under the theme of "making the virtual more "real" and colorful. We hope to create a unit where various colors mix to create new colors, where colors overlap like a rainbow and look beautiful, and where the dreams of as many people as possible can come true. Palepro

The eight members are Rona Nanami, Clara Akatsuki, Kotoha Fujimiya, Kaname Tokiwa, Kohane Kanna, Kyouka Enami, Ayumu Kitami, and Hanon Kanari.

PaleproThe group includes three units: the royal idol group "Ultimate! a group of royal idols, "REGALILIA," a metal group, and "Sputrip," a city-pop group.

■ Information
Special Live Website:
Official Website: http://oldmaterealjp.local
Palettte Project YouTube: _cCW1xmXwRFp1tX-RD2X1Q/
Official Twitter:
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