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Regarding fan letters and gifts

We will be changing the guidelines for fan letters and gifts that we have been accepting until now [from April 1, 2024] as follows.
This will be reflected in the FAQ page as well.
◆Fan Letters
Please send fan letters to the following address.

2-31-20 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0001, Japan
" Palette ProjectTo 0000"
*Please write the member's name in "0000".
*Please refrain from bringing fan letters directly to the mailing address.

Items that can be received】
・Letters and fan letters "mailed" in a standard envelope
・Yosegaki and fan illustrations using standard size (242 x 273mm) colored paper

・Please send in an envelope format. We cannot accept postcards, certified mail, registered mail, registered mail, Letter Pack, etc.
Please do not write any personal information other than your name in your fan letter.
Please make sure to write the name of the celebrity to whom the fan letter is addressed on each fan letter.
We will not be able to respond to the status of fan letters received.

Items that we cannot accept】
・Items that contain personal information in the letter part
・Items sent by other than standard or non-standard mail
・Items sent by insufficient postage or cash on delivery
・Hazardous materials, food, drink, raw food, living creatures, cash, money certificates (including gift cards and prepaid cards), etc. other than letters Items other than letters such as dangerous items, food, drink, perishables, living creatures, cash, money certificates (including gift cards and prepaid cards)
・Items containing metal or electronic parts
・Other items that the management deems unacceptable

◆About sending gifts
We used to accept special gifts during the period around members' birthday, but as a result of discussions among the management officials, we have decided to stop accepting gifts in kind from the perspective of security and privacy protection, However, due to privacy and security concerns, we will no longer be accepting gifts in kind.
We would like to ask for your understanding that this is a decision made with the safety of our members in mind.