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Tickets for "Stepping Prism" delivery are on sale!

Due to popular demand, tickets for Palette Project 3rd one-man live "Stepping Prism" will be available for delivery!
And we have also decided to implement a digital message board project at the venue!
Please check the details below!

For more information about the ticket distribution, please click here!
・Live HP
Date: Saturday, December 30, 2023 OPEN 14:00 / START 15:30
Venue: LUMINE 0
・Ticket page
Ticket sales period: until January 13 (Sat) 23:59
Ticket types: There are two types of tickets: regular ticket and guessing ticket.
The above-mentioned special offer for the "guessing ticket" will be added to the special offer for the premium front-of-the-line ticket.
Please check the live website for details.

In conjunction with the ticket release,
will premiere the live part of " PaleproThanksgiving Day" held in August 2023 for a limited time!
The live part of "
Thanksgiving Day 1" held in August 2023 will be available for a limited time only.
Palepro Thanksgiving Day 1 →December 9 (Sat), 19:00
▷h ttps:// Palepro Thanksgiving Day 2→December 10 (Sun), 19:00
・Release period: until December 29 (Fri), 23:59
Live performance Please refer to this page if you have never been to a live concert or if you are interested in tickets for delivery!

■Details of the digital message board project in the venue are here!
We will display your messages and illustrations on a digital message board near the merchandise sales area in the live venue!
Application form:
Application deadline: Thursday, December 28, 23:59
We are looking forward to receiving many applications!